Cancer Dojo Talks

8 Cancer Dojo Webinars to Build Creative Resilience for Cancer Warriors, sponsored by Sanlam.

Imagine you could play a role in your own healing, together with the medicine, to become happier, healthier and harder to kill. The science says you can – and our speaker will inspire you to do it yourself. 

Join Conn Bertish, the founder of Cancer Dojo, for a series of 60 minute webinars on the subject of Creative Resilience for cancer warriors during difficult times.

These webinars are made available thanks to the support of Sanlam.

Attending is easy. Find and click on the session you’d like to attend. Follow the quick registration process and you’re good to go!

ACT NOW! Each webinar is limited to the first 500 sign-ups.

Webinar schedule

(Note: all times are South African Standard Time (GMT +2))

Webinar 1: 16 September, 11am : Happy People Are Harder To Kill

Webinar 2: 30 September : Purpose builds resilience

Webinar 3: 14 October : Creativity to make you Harder To Kill

Webinar 4: 28 October : How supporters can build warrior resilience

Webinar 5: 11 November : How crisis is freedom to grow stronger

Webinar 6: 25 November : Wrangling happiness from supporters

Webinar 7: 9 December : Food & Nutrition to build resilience

Webinar 8: 15 December : Living with Purpose as a Harder To Kill Strategy

More about Conn

In 2006, Conn Bertish, an iconic internationally awarded creative director, big wave surfer, husband and father of two young children was diagnosed with a severe and extremely rare form of adult malignant brain cancer.

Using his experience in creative thinking and storytelling, Conn immersed himself in his cancer using pens, pencils, paint and sticks of chalk. The world became his physical metaphoric cancer-beating playground. An upbeat, visually engaging canvas that helped him augment his treatments, his resilience and immune system. This ultimately increased his chances of survival and helped him beat his cancer in 2013.

Conn has been urged by doctors, oncologists, neurologists and professors of science to share this way of thinking. The result is The Cancer Dojo: a platform that will empower people facing cancer with the tools, content, information and ideology of Dojo Thinking.