More about us

Cancer Dojo is a positive ideology, supported by a growing movement in the power of positive thinking. Our thinking is based on a complimentary, visual and psychoneurological approach to healing.

What is Dojo Thinking?

Traditionally, cancer patients are not given a role in their own healing. This often leads to depression and an even more compromised immune system. Research shows that being empowered in a debilitating situation has fundamental and beneficial effects on your immune system; enabling one to be more resilient and bounce back from treatments and setbacks better than others facing the same conditions.

We, together with professors, medical doctors and cancer oncologists, believe this fact is underutilized in the context of cancer survival.

More about our founder

In 2006, Conn Bertish, an iconic internationally awarded creative director, big wave surfer, fear factor winner, husband and father of two young children was diagnosed with a severe and extremely rare form of malignant brain cancer.

Using his experience in creative thinking and storytelling, Conn immersed himself in his cancer using pens, pencils, paint and sticks of chalk. The world became his physical metaphoric cancer-beating playground. An upbeat, visually engaging canvas that helped him augment his treatments, his resilience and immune system. This ultimately increased his chances of survival and helped him beat his cancer in 2013.

Conn has been urged by doctors, oncologists, neurologists and professors of science to share this way of thinking. The result is The Cancer Dojo: a platform that will empower people facing cancer with the tools, content, information and ideology of Dojo Thinking.