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Approach your cancer recovery through creativity

Cancer Dojo is an app that empowers cancer sufferers to play an active role in their cancer treatments, making them more resilient to the negative effects of the disease.

Update (29 July 2018) – Our app is launching super soon! If you would like to be part of the initial group of test users, please let us know!



Your thoughts can affect your physical well-being.

The dojo approach taps into the principles of psychoneuroimmunology or PNI – “the study of the effect of the mind on health and resistance to disease”.

The app provides a simple, informed, user- friendly journey that teaches patients how to actively engage with their chosen treatments, stay motivated, generate their own meditations, learn how to visualise, be more mindful, eat better, live better, laugh more and ultimately become happier, healthier and Harder To Kill.



“A vital step in any cancer journey is to be empowered to face its many challenges. Conn’s journey and application, both inspires and empowers.”

Oncologist Dr Garth Davids,
Head of Oncology, Cancer Care GVI Oncology, Cape Town


Stress can negatively affect an already compromised immune system, our goal is to help patients become more resilient by providing the tools to be more engaged and motivated on their cancer journey.

Version 1 of the app will include:

  • 14 Levels of positive behaviour changing methodology
  • 1000+ unique screens, videos, gifs, voice notes
  • 500+ Images, thought starters, tasks and stimulus
  • Earn and save badges as you progress through the journey
  • Receive push notification reminders
  • First 2 chapters are free