Cancer coaching and support

Cancer Dojo Coaches

A Cancer Dojo Coach is a cancer survivor who has been trained to help you deal with the stress and unknowns that negatively impact your mental and physical wellbeing.

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Brett Simpson

We are so excited to launch Cancer Dojo Coaches with one of South Africa’s most experienced cancer coaches, Brett Simpson, a cancer survivor and guide who has dedicated much of his life to empowering patients as well as supporters (friends, families, carers) like you.

There’s always a Cancer Coach near you.

If you need a boost or a guide, or just want to chat with someone who’s been through this crazy journey, book a time to chat with Brett and his team:

More about Brett

Brett W Simpson is a specialist cancer support coach. In 2007 Brett survived what should have been a terminal cancer diagnosis. His survival led him down a path of research and exploration to understand why he survived and others close to him sadly did not. His formal coaching training and personal experience combine to offer a unique support service, which both educates, in evidence-based health research, those newly diagnosed as well as facilitates a conscious pathway with his clients towards acceptance, empowerment and Healing.

Qualified CTI coach (2008) | Accredited Integrative Enneagram practitioner (2015) | Designed and implemented Hummingbird Cancer Centre’s patient care program (2016/17) | CEO of Cancer Buddies support service (2018/19) | Podcast host and author of Fierce Compassion 21 Day Healing Program


“It’s rare finding a seasoned traveller who has walked his own road facing cancer head on, visiting the deepest places within himself, and marching through to the other side. It’s even rarer finding a person like this who is willing to, with his whole heart, join you along the road. Brett has the courage, insight and commitment to help facilitate your healing journey and in earthing your potential. I highly recommend taking the privilege to meet him.”


“An empath with heart! Brett speaks from personal experience of life- threatening trauma. He has physically walked the journey and understands his patients on a deep, fundamental level. One feels safe and embraced in loving heart energy the instant you encounter this wonderful, gentle man.”


Brett reminded me, as a spouse of a cancer sufferer, that I could provide the love and support for my husband, and that he needed to be gentle with himself. Brett led us to explore integrative cancer treatments which we were unaware of previously.”


Brett has been a pillar in my whirl wind of emotions and personalities. I’m not sure how, but he has a way of creating a trust from the first meeting. Every time I speak to him I feel safe and not judged, with a better understanding of me. He displays a true appreciation for people and shows that in the way he listens with compassion, making you feel that you’re not alone.


Brett is a calm and safe space. He provides a shoulder and an ear when my mind is full of confusing stories and, with grounding kindness and (often) playfulness, challenges these stories and helps me write new ones. He is a people grower in the best way.


Brett not only gave support and understanding arising from his own experience with cancer, but most importantly inspired hope and belief that it is possible to heal from cancer.